A Box of Faith

After her family is taken away, sixteen-year-old Dior is forced to live on the streets. Ms. Ward, a social worker, makes it her mission to track down the wily teen, who manages to stay a step ahead. Through their cat-and-mouse game, they unexpectedly teach each other the meaning of love and acceptance.

Also Available

Desert Redemption

A family’s hike in the desert turns to tragedy when they become separated. Fifteen-year-old Katie uses her strong faith in GOD to find her way and survive and rescue her family from the desolate wasteland.

Before All Others

A young woman's world is turned upside down when she is struck with a paralyzing disease and forced to live with the estranged grandmother she hasn't seen since she was a little girl. Rose, her widowed and lonely grandmother, suddenly finds a new purpose in life: to fix a twenty-year-old family secret.

Elevator to Salvation

When two men of greed become trapped in an elevator together, a higher power forces them to confront their selfish pasts. Can they become saved by making amends and repenting?

A Calling of Courage

Sergeant Major Kurt Roberts is faced with a life altering decision when his teenage daughter is tragically struck by a drunk driver and slips into an unforgiving coma. This incredible touching story reveals how undying faith can lead to an unexpected miracle.